Lee Gallagher & the Halleujah - Self Release

A debut album from this rock band who are based in San Francisco and labelled as five musicians with a leaning towards a psychedelic-soul feeling. There are elements of Adam Duritz and Counting Crows on a number of these songs, especially the craving delivery of Empty Stars. The playing is both loose and studiously tight, as with a number of bands who try and channel a Stones vibe. There is some impressive guitar breaks from Jacob Landry which raise the song arrangements onto another level. The keys of Kirby Hammel also impress and fill out the song arrangements.

The vocals of Lee Gallagher can be a challenge and his delivery is on the verge of being strained on a few tracks, like Gloryland and Shallow Grave, where he comes off as trying to sound like Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. An energetic effort with some nice playing, but this has been done by too many before and repeated by too many after the coming of Pearl Jam.