Cam Penner 'Trouble & Mercy' Prairie Boy

Penner is a acoustic troubadour, a rough hewn voice in the wilderness telling tales of living on the fringes, of constant traveling and of low to no income survival. The focus is Penner's voice and his guitar with some subtle additional electric, steel guitar, violin and organ adding to the various songs mood and menace. This is music that evokes a sense of weariness but one that hasn't given up on better things to come. This is all summed up on a song like Tired Of This Town which is gently sung over a sparse accordion backing, it diffuses the romance of the pretend cowboy "you ain't no cowboy... this ain't no Wild West'. It has a insight that comes from viewing the world from the ground up. It has dirt under it's fingernails but warmth in it's heart and is, as a body of music, attractive and inviting. This Canadian singer/songwriter who has tenderness and grit in equal measure and who has made a stripped down album that is a good one.