Eddie Clendenning 'Is Knocking At Your Heart' Ventrella

This is an album that is rooted in 50s rock 'n' roll both in sound and vision. The mini-gatefold sleeve is a well crafted homage to the design of that era. As is the music, which is given a fresh take on that time frame too. Clendenning has played Elvis in the Million Dollar Quartet musical which will give you a big clue as to where he's coming from, but it's the lesser know names like Hayden Thompson and Billy Lee Riley who are his primary influences, alongside the playing of key guitarists like James Burton and Scotty Moore. His backing guitar, drums, bass trio - The Modern Sounds are tight and accomplished and to mush to make this album what it is . The songs range from ballads to rockabilly styled uptempo numbers with one excursion to the country music sounds, with pedal steel guitar, of Six Feet Under which shows that Clendenning could easily follow that path if he choose to. He can take on many vocal nuances with ease and is totally into music made in the 50s to which he brings his knowledge, enthusiasm and skill to. All of which gives fans of this genre something to check out, as well as the music released by the Ventrella label. As Eddie himself says in his sleeve note "If you don't dig it - well, you only have yourself to blame".