Emil Friis 'The Road To Nashville' Southern Imperial

This Danish artist is releasing his third album of Americana styled original songs. The album opens with a voice and piano track that is, in truth non to enticing, but starts proper with the title track a compelling song that features some mariachi styled trumpet that adds much to the atmosphere. Recorded in a studio in southern Sweden over a two-day period which results in a lose and effective mood across the entire album. The overall sound might be described, loosely as David Gray singing alt-country, but that only gives a superficial idea of his music. Friis has produced the album with a tight set of like-minded musicians who give Friis' self-written songs the depth they require. This could easily have emerged from the USA, or even from the fringes of the city of the title track. Friis writes and sings in English and if you weren't aware you not know that this was not his native language. But that the language of roots American music is pretty universal and travels well as evidenced here. It is a strong and intriguing album that makes you want to hear Friis' earlier efforts but this, by all accounts is a looser more soulful take on the music he makes a perfect introduction to his muse. www.myspace.com/emilfriis