Kim Richey 'Wreck Your Wheels' Lojinx

I really liked Kim Richey first couple of albums when she was considered to be a part of a more expansive set of Nashville writers. However commercial success didn't follow and she moved on recording music that was well outside the umbrella of country music. On this new album there is something of a slight return in that pedal steel is used within the mix on four tracks but you are not going to mistake this album for a Music Row production. Rather that is handled here by multi-instrumentalist Neilson Hubbard who gives the songs some multi-layerd settings that uses a variety of keyboards, brass and strings to elaborate the songs. If you like your music with hints of a whole range of music and some complex arrangements then this album will be for you. Richey has powerful upfront voice and used it well. There are a number of guests who add to the vocal choruses and one who add additional instruments. Players like Will Kimbrough join here for a couple of songs all of which were co-written by Richey and other established writers like the aforementioned Kimbrough, as well as Boo Hewerdine and Marl Olson. Those who have followed Richey through here various stages will find much to admire here. And with songs like In The Years To Come and the banjo-tinged Once In Your Life you can see why.