Mike Bartlett 'Truth & Love' Self-released

A singer/songwriter with a big presence, a big voice and some big songs. His influences range from outlaw country heroes like Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard through to rock with connections to his native Ireland that included Thin Lizzy and The Waterboys, as well with a meaningful band like Pearl Jam. That manifests itself with a rock heart and a country soul, with rock songs delivered in a roots style. Built around the central core of acoustic guitar and voice the arrangements feature a full sound with rhythm section and electric guitar and keyboards. The songs deal with life, reflections on how people deal with its tribulations. How the small man deals with bigger issues is shown in David And Goliath. The title track is a direct appeal for truth and love as the bedrock of any relationship, and is given a sparse setting that works very well in the context of the song. Song That Changed The World looks a the wider issues of hoping for some lasting peace in the world at large. Bartlett doesn't have a hugh vocal range but he still conveys the emotions he intends. The albums is one which has a depth that requires several listens to gain the most from Bartlett's songs. Truth and Love is a engaging debut from a artist who will undoubtably grow and develop as he gains performance and experience. In the end you come away with the impression of a big man with a big heart. It's a shame then that he hasn't conveyed that on the album cover which is one of those that lacks and real connection with him or his music. Find more about him at myspace.com/mikebartlettmusic