Steve Mayone 'Long Play Record' Hi-N-Dry

An Americana artist and veteran of several bands this is Mayone latest release. There is something of the old school about Mayone that suggests The Band or Dylan, without ever sounding like them and he may have a way to go to reach their artistic heights. He touches on country with High Lonesome, while at other times a roots rock is rampant while other songs are pure rock like the jumping Secret Garden. Dirty Old Town has some blues harmonica at it's heart, the song is about big town blues and is a Mayone co-writer and nothing to do with Ewan MacColl's song of the same name. As indeed is Help Me Make It Through The Night, another original song with a existing song title. Mayone has produced and engineered this album using a variety of home studios to get what is a remarkably full sound, full of percussion, brass and keyboards as well as pedal steel and mandolin. This is the kind of album with hidden depths that need to be explored for it's full potential to become apparent. The sensitivity of Dear Dad, a more stripped-down ballad express what many would feel but may not be able to express, all of which points to Mayone's growth as a songwriter and an album that is available from his site as your unlikely to come across it elsewhere.