The Frontier Needs Heroes 'Self-Titled' Self Released

A entrancing brother/sister duo of Brad and Jessica Lauretti who play a style of folk music that reminds of early Fairport Convention and their contemporaries as well as some of the more stripped down folk music being made today in America. It is neither old time or Appalachian, rather it is folk music that is influenced by the Smiths as much as Woody Guthrie Dolly Parton as much as Joan Baez. In other words what they play and the way they play draws of a range of influences that is wide and eclectic. The result is an album of self-written songs that start with the Brad's guitar, his voice and Jessicas. From that base they add textures like flute, violin, percussion as well as bass and electric guitar on songs like Leopard Eyes and No More War. There is, at times, a sombre melancholy at the heart of these songs but overall the music is uplifting and untrammelled. The sibling harmonies are as strong and striking as you would expect and add much to the overall atmosphere of the music. It is the sort of album that draws you in and one you can find much to admire on repeated plays. With musical frontiers becoming increasingly blurred we need to find heroes where we can.You might find some