Tim O'Connell 'It's My Song Dammit' Tall Man

The title refers to the fact that O'Connell wrote a song he wrote was recorded by Johnny Cash but only got a release on the Unearthed box set. Rick Rubin commented that it was a song that Johnny Cash had brought in but didn't know who wrote it, Rubin felt it summed up Cash. That song A Singer Of Songs is not included here instead we get ten new songs that range from acoustic styled country to the full bluesy rock riffing of Little Radio, a song that sums up O'Connell approach to life, family and music. About finding his love for music on a little radio and about finding something you love to do. Other songs run from the uptempo upfront Thank You For Being A Friend to the duet with Jill Walsh on Talkin' About Love, a theme that permiates the album with other titles like This Must Be Love, Without You and There's Nothing You Can Do. There's a soulful track That Rightous Road that features the Vanderbilt University's Voices of Praise

Gospel Choir that is another uplifting song. O'Connell produced the album with P.G. Banker in Nashville but other than that there are no musician details. Overall O'Connell has a warm and expressive voice the music is a mix of rootish music, mainly uptempo with a full band and is a good listen that will please many with it's positive attitude and catchy song craft.