Country Boy Rolling Stone 'Honky Tonking Too Long' Black Crow

Country music has many roots and many offshoots but what makes it good is the heart and soul that goes into the music. This outfit is led by Bill Crowder (formally of the Sugar Cube Blues Band) who sings and has written all the songs here. You can pretty much judge from the titles where they're coming from; That Woman Treated Me Like Dirt, Honky Tonking Too Long and My Baby Likes The Hi-Life all feel real and raw. While Bill may not be a perfect singer he is the perfect singer for his songs. This is no polished to perfection product, rather it is the product of some real passion. The band includes W.S. Fluke Holland on drums and Cody Dickinson on guitar. Indeed it is dedicated to Cody's father the legendary Jim Dickinson who was an enthusiastic supporter. Crowder songs fit somewhere between Kristofferson (Monday Morning Merry-Go-Round) and Cash (Going Down To Memphis In My Dreams). This is music with dirt under it's fingernails and music I'll return to again to just enjoy the genuine rough shod ambience that the music exudes. From that you can decide if this is your kind of music. Music filled with piano, organ, pedal steel and twanging guitars - the kind of music you don't get to hear too often on radio so it makes a visit to CD Baby or to their MySpace site for samples of what Country Boy Rolling Stone are all about all the more worthwhile.