The Sadies 'Darker Circles' Yep Roc

Regular readers will know that I love this band, their mix of rock 'n' roll, country, surf guitar, folk-rock and garage punk makes them the perfect band in so many ways. Add to that some striking songwriting and equally effecting singing and it would be very hard to dismiss them as a potent force, either in their own right, or as participants in other music projects. There combined output too-date shows their growth and the skill with which they hone their sound which despite all the strands it draws from still weaves it self into a colourful whole that is immediately identifiable as The Sadies. Production is again in the effective hands of Gary Louris alongside the band. The songs run from the more restrained haunting mandolin-led Tell Her What I Said and The Quiet One with strong harmony vocals to the more intense opening fuzz guitar fortified Another Year Again. The twang of Postcards or the stripped back banjo induced atmospherics of Choosing To Fly offer another aspect of a band that in some ways come across as a modern day Moby Grape. They are diverse and a delight and should be better know than they are but hopefully Darker Circles will lead to greater enlightenment.