Po' Girl 'Follow Your Bliss' Self Release

The four piece Po' Girl is fronted by Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira who are the primary songwriters here, with Benny Sidelinger and Mikey "Lightning" August completing the quartet who play a real mix of musical styles that draws on past American musical styles to deliver something that is a contemporary amalgam that usually falls under the alt-country or Americana headings. What is obvious is the strength of the voices of the two singers which work well in their own right but also blend together and with the other members also providing background vocals they are strong in that department and with the fact that all members are multi-instrumentalists and that several guests are featured they, equally, have a rich instrumental tapestry to draw from. When We Are Love has a nice bluesy undertow while Western Skies has a haunting harmonica and the slide guitar under the vocals. Maudite Guerre with its accordion and 16th century French lyrics takes you to a totally different place that is compelling. This band has an organic musical growth that has seen progress along the way to this, their fifth album. Originallu from Vancouver, Canada they recorded this album in Chicago with the band producing it along with Zach Goheen. The end result rewards replaying with much revealed on further listen and the songs open up their charms.