Egon Danielson 'Raven And The Bluebird' Self-released

I really like this album a lot. It seems to have been made for the right reason which is simply to get a set of good songs out into the world. Danielson is a powerful singer-songwriter who wrote all the songs here some written over a number of years others written just before they were recording. Danielson has a voice that remind s me of a number of singers like, for instance, Robert Earl Keen. The producing by Andy Dee, formally of my old favourites Molly and The Heymakers, is spot on tough and tender as need be. Danielson calles his music soulbilly and that as good a description as any for his from the heart songs. He recorded in his native Kentucky and in Minnesota and these songs have heart and a heartland and never feel forced or unnatural they feel like song from a man who has lived a little and loved a little - even when he lost that love. She Won't Say Goodbye sums that up so well with its tender backing of nylon string guitar and lap steel.  This is followed two songs later by Start Out By Saying Goodbye a song deliver with feeling over another understated backing with pedal steel from John Ely of Asleep At The Wheel. More full on and rockin' is Your Guitar wherein Egon wishes he was a particular girl's guitar - well why not. By way of contrast The Girl In The Yellow Cotton Dress is more acoustic/bluegrass in style. One Rock At A Time is funkier with some swirling organ leading the ensemble getting into a groove. There's not a bad song here and Egon Danielson is a well worth checking out and as his website has the songs as MP3 you can listen or download as is you preference but either way have a listen. I don't think that you will be dissapointed.