Rose's Pawn Shop 'Dancing On The Gallows' Self-Released

This LA based quartet are part of a selection of bands who take acoustic bluegrass and old-time music and add additional layers onto that core. In this case the acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin are give additional drive by the presence of upright bass and drums. They are helped out on this Ethan Allen produced album by an additional seven players and two vocalists. All of which gives the album a full and decidedly powerful sound. The music then is well able to cover a lot of bases from country, country rock as well as the core layer of bluegrass. The end result has been described as "Del McCoury meets Mick Jagger" and be that as it may this is strong enough to stand on its own feet. But the description and the punkish attitude means your in for a fast ride. They come as a part of the LA country music tradition that was spearheaded back in the eighties by Dwight Yoakam's country with rock attitude that saw hardcore country being played in punk rock clubs as well as in the Palamino. Lead singer Paul Givant possess a strong voice that can deliver the out and out energy of Ball Of Flames as well as the more poignant place of Patiently. He is ably backed up by the rest of the band with well positioned vocal harmonies. An album highlight however has to be One Last Of Whiskey, a song about the pain of trying to quit, once again, the lure of alcoholic absolution. Rose's Pawn Shop are a welcome addition to a strong legacy of country music emanating from that town south of Bakersfield. Dancing On The Gallows will have your feet tapping and your heart racing and Rose's Pawn Shop is will worth redeeming.