The Pines 'Tremolo' Red House

The duo's second album has it's roots planted in the past but it's shoots are reaching out towards a full moon. Produced by the duo and Bo Ramsey the album is centered around the soft spoken singing voices of the duo, Benson Ramsey and David Huckfelt who deliver their original songs over a restrained but effective backing of bass, drums and keyboards. The electric guitar contributions give the songs their tension and spark. The delivery is in tune with some of their contemporaries whilst also suggest a link to that softer late 60's and 70's folk mixed with country sound. The two voices are similar and blend with ease to give the overall a casual warmth that is easy to assimilate. The two cover they have chosen fit well within their canon Skipper And His Wife is again graced by some fine guitar picking that moves the song along while Mississippi John Hurt's Spike Driver Blues floats on slide and electric guitar that adds to the urgency of the songs message of return and ruin. The shortest song here Avenue Of The Saints, the only one clocking in at under 3 minuets is an echoey instrumental that has an instant attraction in it's own right. The longest song is the closer Shiny Shoes but it never seems to outstay its welcome. Something that can be said of the whole album - an understated collection of songs that captivated with their sense of drawing a listener into its heart of semi moonlight darkness.