Jesse Brewster 'Wrecking Ball At The Concert Hall' Crooked Prairie

Not a live album as the title might imply but rather a collection of 10 self-written song from Brewster and his band which fall on the roots rock side of things. The opening song All Those Things I Said is an uptempo song dealing with the telling of lies that is powered by twin guitars and contrast with some of the more ballad orientated Fuel To The Fire which follows. These two songs are the twin balances of Brewster's songs. The songs often touch on a hard rock attitude that no doubt makes for a lively band in a live context. The twin guitar, bass and drum line-up is fleshed out by the added texture of piano and organ. This gives the music a solid platform for Brewster to sing over. He has an expressive voice, if not one that has a particularly distinctive edge to it. However these are his songs and he can deliver them with conviction. God Fearin' Man is powered by a solid guitar riff and again it is followed by the more solemn song of a drink refugee Dive To Drown In. San Francisco native Brewster draws from a wide range of influences and such diverse icons as Neil Young,Tom Petty, Willie Nelson and Lynyrd Skynyrd. While these are all, no doubt, in there Brewster music is a more generic mix of these and other elements. This is an album that depends on it's singer and songs to make it work and while it may not be to the taste of more rootsier/country fans it could, with songs like I'm Not Broken, find a bigger audience if they in some way connected with the Wrecking Ball At The Concert Hall or in their own home.