Susan Cattaneo 'Heaven To Heartache' Jersey Girl

An accomplished singer and writer Cattaneo plays a style of country that mixes a certain amount of country with some other styles in a way that reminds a lot of  late 80s, early 90s mainstream country. Some of these songs, all of which were written or co-written by Cattaneo, wouldn't sound out pf place in the set lists of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Pam Tillis or Martina McBride. They are songs very much from a mature female perspective. This is not teen/pop country rather life s seen through the eyes of some one who has a lived it a little.

Some of the songs are immediately memorable and could easily gain a wider audience if that audience were ever to get closely acquainted with them. Girls Night Out would be a prime example of that and would have an across the board appeal. Shave is a song about a woman getting up in the morning and watching her man shave, and enjoying the simple pleasure of that simple act. Just Like It Was Texas is a song that reflects on the road of life and the sudden turns it might take. Gotta Get Gone is one of those songs about driving away from an old life and now dormant relationship. These are oft returned to topics but Cattaneo makes them believable not least through her strong voice but also through the music which is graced by some fine playing from the likes of Pat Buchanan, Jeff King, Randy Khors, Glen Duncan and Dave Mattacks. So some supportive and vibrant playing underscores these vocal performances from an artist who, judging by the thanks to her Italian bands, is already making inroads in Europe. As her songs says "country music is the state I'm In". Few would disagree with that statement whether she's in a reflective or rockin' mode.