Tanya Tucker 'Girls Like Me / Love Me Like You Used To' Humphead

A singer who had success at a very early age and who set the template for the pop-country princesses who came later. The first of these two albums represents something of a comeback for the singer after some non-musical press headlines. The voice is recognizable and her tone was always wiser than her years. The sound is very 1980's with synthesized sounds replacing the twang and rock guitar tones blending with the steel. The second set was released a year later in 1987. Both were produced by Jerry Crutchfield and were successful albums at the time of their release and the start of a run of charts hits for the singer. Fans will likely want to have these on CD but unless you are a lover of this eras studio sounds. More hardcore country fans are instead pointed to her most recent Pete Anderson produced album of classic country songs.