The Good Intentions 'Someone Else's Time' Boronda

This Liverpool based trio have recorded their second album in their hometown and in Los Angeles. It was produced by the experienced hand of Rick Shea and recorded by Dave Raven (with others), both who play on the album alongside a set of players including David Jackson, Brantley Kearns, Wyman Reese and Eric Brace. Key to their sound are the balanced harmonies of Gabrielle Monk, Francesco Roskell and songwriter R. Peter Davies who together make up The Good Intentions. The songs have a warmth and depth that touches on simpler, but no less difficult, times as witnessed by songs such as Coal Miner's Lament, Send The Devil Back To Hell and Dark Stranger. Though the songs tell their stories in a way that is captivating and rewarding. The playing and production enhance that overall mood and give the songs an acoustic based sound that is rhythmically driven by a tasteful upright bass and drum foundation. The fiddle, banjo, acoustic guitar melodies are bolstered by keyboards and steel guitar. All of which makes for a very appealing and repeat listening experience of assured Anglo/Americana folk-country. Davies' songs are all strong enough for him to find a place alongside some of the better contemporary songwriters currently and will please those who make the effort to look out this accomplished trio who highlight that there is much on offer in this area outside of the US. Someone Else's Time all round it's time well spent.