The Weber Brothers 'Baddest Band In The Land' Self-release

You need something special to live up to a title like that and whether the Weber Brothers have achieved is open to debate. This is robust rock that incorporates some roots rock influences. Formed by Baltimore brothers Ryan and Sam the aim to be bad to be the best, as I think most band do, and set about trying to prove it. They have a tight and full sound owe a debt to the Band and indeed the press release comes with an endorsement from Ronnie Hawkins who previously employed The Band as his band The  Hawks. Hawkins see these guys in a similar role. And it's not too difficult to see the debt and the reasoning though The Band had a deeper, more sensitive understanding of the various forms of American musical forms. The Weber Brothers sound like a hot live band and have a workmanlike approach and have recorded this album in a live in the studio situation that gives the songs some vitality and grit and if you like high octane bar-band roots rock then the Weber Brothers deliver but there's not a lot going on here that hasn't been done before. The ideal place to see this band is an a hot, rockin' bar then this album will make more sense and a be good souvenir of an exciting evening. Nothing wrong with that and these guys know how to strut their their stuff but I'm not too sure about being the baddest. I'd say that there may be others who would contest them for the title. But it might be fun to see who wins and in the meantime a listen to some early Mott The Hoople wouldn't go amiss.