Patrick Sweany 'That Old Southern Drag' Nine Mile

A rock, soul and blues influenced singer/songwriter who likes to rock it up. Nashville based Sweany has recorded this album there with a small number of musicians joining Sweany to realize this set of 12 self-written songs. The focus is a voice that has power and poignancy. Which for a man who lists Doug Sahm and Ray Charles among his influences would be de rigueur. It was produced and mixed by Joe V. McMahan who is central to the free-flowing sound here, he also contributes guitar, keyboards and percussion throughout. This tight unit allows the songs room to breathe easily and find their own space without too many restrictions or pre-conceptions. In many ways this has that classic rock-blues-soul sound that was pre-eminent in the 60s by such artists as the aforementioned Sahm as well as the likes of Al Kooper or Muscle Shoals guitarist and producer Eddie Hinton or in recent times Gregg Allman solo album. Sweany, in truth, is continuing rather than expanding or creating new innovations in this blend of roots based American musical forms. But he's doing it with a style and passion that gives this album its heart and, yes, soul. Listening to this album also brings to mind some other recent exponents of this format but that doesn't detract from what Patrick Sweany brings to his music and to what is a very listenable album that will find him a fans who get to hear his music and understand his measure.