Martina McBride 'Eleven' Humphead

This album is in many ways the antithesis to Timeless, my favourite McBride album, that was an album of covers of classic country songs. Before that she made such spirited and, at the time, ground-breaking songs as Independence Day on the album The Way That I Am that included songs from writers like Kostas, Billy Lloyd, Paul Kennerly as well as Gretchen Peters. The way she is now is a little different. A lot of the songs here have a McBride co-writing credit and she is also co-producer and while the features names like Dan Dugmore on pedal steel, Ilya Toshinskiy on mandolin and bouzouki and Stuart Duncan on fiddle the overall sound is a long way from those previous albums. She is still a powerful and emotive singer never less so that on I'm Going To Love You Through It, a song about helping a person dealing with cancer. These songs have their roots in her previous albums as she has never been an out and out traditional singer but rather one with an eye for where the future of country music was going. Eleven consolidates that future and opens the door for Martina McBride to move in any direction she may wish to travel and this album will find favour with many her fans and bring her a few new ones who know nothing of her previous album but have a fondness for well-sung, heavily arranged songs hat touch on a number of areas that may hit home with a wider audience. But I have a feeling that if I want to listen to McBride sing it will be something more timeless.