Toby Keith 'Clancy's Tavern' Show Dog/Humphead

In a world of ever changing attitudes, of personal beliefs and of doubtful country music, taking Toby Keith's music at face value it's country in a way that is immediately recognisable as that. His themes are about perennial - about love (Tryin' To Fall In Love, I Won't Let You Down), beer (Beer's Ago) and the life a regular Joe's (Red Solo Cup, Made in America, Clancy's Tavern) and they come from a man who has nailed his patriotism to the mast. Keith has written many of these songs with strong writers like Bobby Pinson (who made one of the better Music Row album's some time back which, naturally, got nowhere at radio), veteran Eddie Raven, Scotty Emerick and Bob DiPiero. Production is handled by Keith and is robust and rigorous and allows the studio band it's head. The guitar by Kenny Greenberg is well to the fore over a solid and propulsive rhythm section of Chad Cromwell and Kevin 'Swine' Garrett. Aubrey Haynie is on fiddle and mandolin. Steel guitar duties are shared by Paul Franklin and Russ Pahl. They are part of  solid studio team that are able to deliver the lighter songs as comfortably as the more full-on songs. That four people were need to write the novelty sing-along Red Solo Cup, but its one of those songs that will be loved and hated in equal measure. Toby Keith comes with his own reputation and attitude, something he also brings to his music and while in some minds in may be hard to divorce the two this album will please his fans and is one of his strongest to date. The are 4 additional tracks on the UK edition. Four good-time live tracks, a band out for a good time, the songs where recorded as Incognito Bandito who include several of the album's players having fun in a live setting. They close the album in roadhouse style and one of those songs, a cover of Truck Drivin' Man, show clearly where Toby Keith's musical roots lie along with his rockin' cover of Chuck Berry's Memphis that show Keith enjoys making music.