Amelia White 'Beautiful and Wild' - Self-Release

There are times when the world seems awash with singer-songwriters all trying to find an audience for their music. That isn't necessarily a reflection on the quality of the music rather that it's difficult to get attention in a crowded and fragmented market. If someone has came across an artist's music live, on radio or through a good review they may be tempted to check the artists out and with the internet it is now easier that ever to find out through a YouTube live video or song samples on sites like MySpace. Amelia White recorded this album in Nashville with producer Marco Giovino. He also the drummer here with a set of musicians that includes Doug Lancio and a selection of other fine players who do justice to the songs. Other than a laid back cover of Roxy Music's More Than This the songs are all written or co-written by White who has a raw, expressive, confident voice. The title track is a lament for he late friend, the guitarist Duane Jarvis, other songs deal with various kinds of torment that find the subject of Saint Christopher pleading with the Saint for a safe return. Sidewalks talks of how the sidewalks seem to melt in the melt in the heat of both the summer and in the cold emotion of family loss. The closing Rider Ghost was written at a time when White was contemplating give up music, something that in the end proved to be an essential part of her make-up, and like most true and committed writers, something that completes her life. There have been comparisons to Lucinda Williams and that may give you a clue as to a starting point but to hear White and here own take on life check her out on MySpace where you can judge the wildness and beauty of her music yourselves.