Nearly Beloved 'Where's Bob?' Attaboy

A country-rock quartet who at times have a sound rooted in the late 60's and at other reference Bakersfield and Nashville but never the naff side of those elements. The band whose songs come from the pen of Matt Lax the band's singer and the album's producer. They are joined by a host of guests that bring vocal assistance and musical textures to the overall mix. The only cover here is Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues which they give an uptempo, upbeat reading of and make it fit easily alongside their own songs. The 60's sounding Cool Fucking Sunset reminds of the Burritos as does Tomorrow Won't Be The Future, a song that sounds a lot like a follow up to Sin City in many ways. And a lot of bands have tried to capture that feel but, here, Nearly Beloved have done just that. But there guys can wring the sound changes with the harmonica and guitar-led harmony-filled Money Isn't Everything. The title track heads in a more gospel sounding direction, but with it's tongue firmly in it's cheek, this isn't a song for the above but has it's site on the more earthly Bob. These guys use the vocal harmonies well with and behind Lax's lead vocals and change the sound around enough to keep things interesting and then there's an underlying sense of fun that adds a another element to the song's overall ambiences. Witness my My P-Role Officer, a song that will bring a smile to your face. There's much to like here and it's the sort of album where your favourite songs will change with each listen. Nearly Beloved amy never be totally beloved as there's is nothing here that hasn't been heard before but that doesn't make them different from a whole lot of other bands in the roots genre, but it equally makes them well worth listening to and Where's Bob is an album worth looking out for and listening to.