Paul Burch 'Words Of Love Songs Of Buddy Holly' Self-Release

In the year that would have seen Holly reach the age of 75 there has already been two high profile Buddy Holly tribute compilations. But here is something, smaller, more personal and for many it may be closer to the spirit of such a innovative artist. Drawing form the age that Holly's music was forged in Paul Burch blends the influences of rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, r 'n' b and country that were in the air then to create an album that has energy and effervescence that Holly's music had for so many people of a certain age. Recording live to tape has helped to capture that spontaneity and sense of simplicity inherent in much of the best music. Burch as again employed his WPA Ballclub band that this time out includes such fine players as Dennis Crouch, Fats Kaplin, Will Kimbrough and Kenny Vaughan. That they had fun doing this is evident in the end result and that Burch managed to both evoke the essence of Buddy Holly and also still maintain his own identity is important. Too close to the originals and you may as well play them but here there is something fresh in these 13 songs that both makes you want to go back to the source but to also revisit this collection. The songs are classics and include the title Words Of Love along with A great Peggy Sue, a punchy Midnight Shift alongside the rhythmically expressive Love's Made A Fool Of You. Throughout the drums and percussion are crucial to give these songs the swing and drive. They're concise and concentrate with most clocking in just over the two minute mark. Words Of Love is a fitting tribute to a master from a man who shares many of Holly's aims to experiment and to capture the heart of what this music represents to so many who love and represents a lesson on how to capture something that is all too often lost these days. This is simple and effective. Spread the love.

Available from Paul's website as a download or on vinyl