Susan James 'Highways, Ghosts, Heartaches and Home' Self-release

The fourth album from California native Susan James is an accomplished songwriter and singer. Her music is Californian roots music with all the songs written and produced by James and there are some good ones here. Funnily enough at times I was reminded more of the UK and early folk-rock crossovers like Fairport Convention. But there are pretty large inputs of American roots music in the fiddle, dobro, mandolin and banjo alongside the electric guitar, bass and drums and Hammond B3. All of which give the songs variety and depth. Songs like Thank You Tomorrow or Cold Moon On The Highway with Paul Lacques guitar and with vocal interjections give a cinematic feel to this song of being on the road. There's can you help me write this song plea to Bob Dylan in Calling Mr. Zimmerman.  Songs like How To Fix A Broken Heart take a softer more melancholic pace sit alongside more uptempo Airstream Girl which opens the album. The band here includes 3 members of I See Hawks IN L.A. as well as Gabe Witcher from the Punch Brothers on fiddle. This is an album that warrants repeated playing and shows James is continually growing as an all round artist with her music.