Kip Boardman "The Long Weight" Ridisculous

This LA sideman, who has played with the likes of Randy Weeks and Mike Stinson, steps into the spotlight for his third solo album. He channels his inner Harry Nilsson and others with this melodic and structured take on crafted American songwriting. The album is produced by Eric Heywood and uses a couple of his Pariah Dog bandmates to give the album a warm rich sound which is graced, on occassion, by Heywood's elegant pedal steel. Kip Boardman plays keyboards and acoustic guitar and sings these self-written songs including a quietly questioning Can't Take This and sadly spatial Bowline. Alongside the instrumentalists are the highly experienced trio of Gia Ciambotti, Claire Holley and Kristin Mooney adding their memorable vocal harmonies behind Boardman's often wistful vocals. Recorded by Ryan Freeland the main players recored live and this gives the sound a spontaneity that is a solid bedrock on which to build up the sound layers - all of which serve The Long Weight well. Lovers of the honky-tonk hardwood floor should look elsewhere but if literate, well-played songs in the classic American songbook style are something you admire then Kip Boardman may be a Michael Buble, of sorts, for the Americana generation. This is music that needs engagement and a certain amount of solitude to appreciate its strengths.