Matt The Electrician 'Animal Boy' Self-released

Matthew Sever aka Matt The Electrician is a intriguing artist who may roughly fall under the roots-singer/songwriter heading but who, in truth is an artist who will use and platform and musical bedding to makes his songs work in the way he hears them. He is a strong and accomplished singer with a distinctive voice, both as a singer and as a writer. He is a multi-instrumentalist who has gather some kindred spirits onboard for this album like Danny Malone, Mark Addison, Freedy Johnston and Southpaw Jones. Xylophones, banjolele, gym whistle, pump organ, trumpet and euphonium and ARP Axxe are just some of the sounds you will hear in the backing tracks. The songs are melodic and memorable and would appeal across the board on a lot of levels. They stand much repeated playing and reveal new nuances each time. They are full of observations and optimism, humour and humanity. Songs like Osaka In The Rain, College, Faithfully look at people and places with an equal sense of understanding and intelligence. These are songs which lyrically are unusual and who's themes are sometimes a different perspective of some universal subjects but given a very individual perspective that makes Matt The Electrician's music special. One song for instance, For Angela is the very detailed tale of his journey to North East Dallas to play a gig where on the journey he break down and then seeks a Wall-Mart store to fix his ailing battery. It is a heart warming and humours travel tale that perfectly shows Matt's invention if not eclectic instrumentation. You can check out a live version on YouTube yourselves. For that you need to go to a track like What's So Funny, or indeed pretty much anywhere amongst the album's 12 tracks. Matt The Electrician is well respected in his Austin home base and outside but may not have yet to come to the attention of some of our readers and while he may not fit the Americana bill that some adhere to but the music of Matt Sever live or on CD is pretty exceptional and this album is just the latest of many he has made. All of which are available from his site at