Michael Fracasso 'Saint Monday' Little Fuji

The latest album from Austin based singer/songwriter will have be welcomed by those who have appreciated his songs and distinctive voice in the past. The album is produced by Fracasso and his friend Jim Lewis, novelist and first time producer. As it turned out they've done a fine job together with Lewis also playing guitar and piano on the album as well as co-authoring the title track and two other songs on this ten track album that is built around Fracasso's trustful tenor voice on of the strongest instruments on the album. The other players are a tight unit of drummer Mark Patterson and bassist George Reiff, On ADA Ok, a joyful sounding, downbeat themed but uptempo track, Fracasso is joined on the vocals by Patty Griffin to good effect. Elsewhere Fracasso uses his words well to tell tales of lives up but more often downs. Fellow Austinite Matt The Electrician joins in on one track playing a short but effective trumpet solo over the outro. One track that is picking up attention is his expressive cover of John Lennon's Working Class Hero that is highly effective and emotionally fraught in it's tense delivery and wired guitar interjections. While not taking away from Fracasso's own strong writing it's a strong take on a very visible song. By way of contrast the album closes with a vocal and piano song that is sparse by comparison with earlier songs but equally capable of getting across to the listener. Saint Monday is another example of crafted songs and capable playing from a another gifted songwriter who is flying under the radar and who need s to be sought out and appreciated by fans of know something special when they hear it.