Dickie Lee Erwin 'Swan' High Plain

A Texan who has been around the music business a long time Dickie Lee Erwin is a part of the Texas songwriter tradition playing songs that come from his heart and from his day to day experiences and situations that he can see all around. The album opens with I Remember That a song that still sees soldiers heading out from train depots to oversees wars. It highlights Erwin's warm and natural voice and his equally lived-in and lived with songs. The musicians who play on the album serve these songs well and mention should be made of Gary Newcomb's guitars, acoustic, electric and steel which sit above his relaxed rhythm section to give these songs depth and movement. Moving On is a song that shows that how words can cut deep and unresolved resentments can lead to a person moving on rather than facing such problems. Warm Summer Night takes on a more funky groove with Erwin's banjo and Richard Somers mandolin playing on top in the instrumental Barnyard Stomp. Warm Summer Night is the sort of song that one could easily see as a part of a Willie Nelson album. Dickie Lee Erwin is the chief songwriter here with a couple of co-writers involved on two tracks but he has rung the changes here to bring different perspectives to the music so that it has more than one perspective to the musical direction. He has the voice to do that to give each vocal the right sense of the songs underlying story. I'm So Glad's understated acoustic tone is very different from the tale of how a man went from riches to ruin in Time Alone or from croon of Stranger In Blue. Dickie Lee Erwin is a versatile musician who brings his personality into his music which makes it a worthy addition to those names of Texas musicians who may not be that well known outside if as select circle but sure should be.