Josh Kelley Georgia Clay Humphead

Another big voiced good ol' boy who sings about what it is to be such a person. Given that Kelly has a solid voice that can express emotion on these set of mostly co-written songs. A Real Good Try has a nice background vocal from Ashley Monroe and some pleasant steel from Gary Morse. Elsewhere the songs take on a fuller sound. There are love songs like Baby Blue Eyes and Naleigh Moon, a song about his daughter that has some elegant dobro playing from Jerry Douglas to give it some texture to the low-key backing.Throughout producer Clint Largerberg plays some tasteful electric guitar and hold things in check so that the music here never overwhelms the songs or the singer.Though they can still deliver the full package on songs like Rainin' Whiskey and Great Idea. Though the album rocks out it doesn't fall into the trap of being too rock, southern or otherwise, rather than being, as it is, more obviously country, though you won't ever mistake this for a Dale Watson album. Josh Kelley has some soul in his voice, something that's brought to the fore on Learning You. Loss peppers Ain't Lettin' Go an uptempo song of a man recognizing his mistakes that have driven off his life partner. All delivered over a vibrant uptempo rocking beat. The album closes on a similar sense of love lost with Don't You Go, a big sounding ballad that again shows that Kelley can sing. Georgia Clay is an album that should find favour with those partial to the current crop of contemporary singers coming out of Music Radio. A lot will depend if country radio gets behind him and he get the exposure that an album like this, on a major label.