The O's 'Between The Two' Idol

A duo from Dallas, Texas the O's are Taylor Young and John Pedigo who kick up a fuss with their direct banjo and guitar led songs. But to that they add all sorts of additional instruments from harmonica and kick drum to tambourine, lapsteel and lowebro. They sing together and their voices are central to this rhythm centric sound. They have been compared to the Avett Brothers and you can understand the link though the O's have a different overall sound there are some areas of common ground. Like a lot of duos the manage to compensate for the lack of other players by an innate understanding of where and what to play to fill the gaps. There's also plenty of attitude and energy on offer here on these mainly uptempo songs. They on songs like We Are Young they take a slightly less frantic approach to a song that tells us a little about their sensibilities. This music draws on a Americana stew that has hints of the past mixed with a timeless future. It has a internal charm and and an outgoing immediacy that kicks you in the pants to pay attention. They have enough variety in the pace and direction of the songs so that they don't end up sounding too samey while retaining an overall identity. They songs are largely about things that are relevant to their lives and to an ongoing understanding of relationships and hoe to "take it slow, down the road". This is the O's first album and they are doubtless a good live experience but it will be interesting to see how they develop their core sound in the future. But for now, between the two of them they have made a good start and they are continuing a tradition that they see as good "as the feeling they get from singing a Louvin Brothers tune at 4am". I can see how that might appeal.