Ben Glover 'Before The Birds' Self-Release

The Northern Ireland singer/songwriter now spends the majority of his time in Nashville. This move has paid off on his latest album, third album. Produced by Neilson Hubbard in Nashville it highlights Glover's intimate style of writing and ever assured vocal skill. The musicians here, as you'd expect, are totally in synch with the songs and play there part well, delivering a tasty slice of roots orientated music that is prevalent on the fringes of Music City, if sadly not on the airwaves. Hubbard is joined by a full band who include Eamon McLaughlin on violin and some effective backing vocals from Kaci Bolls. But it's the songs that most albums are about and these are among the best Glover has yet committed to recording. Trick Of The Light opens the album and is soon followed by other songs that seek to define the minutiae of human relationships. A perennial pursuit of the songwriter and one with endless possibilities for perspicuousness. Almost Home delights in ending a journey while Song Of A Caged Bird Signing talks of a restlessness and the need to move on from difficult times and decisions. The album moves between those two reference points of melancholy and manifest good times. Before The Birds is an album that conjures a mood that is best sustained over it's ten tracks, rather than pointing to any single track, though the subtle restraint of the closing song At The Car Park has a haunting quality that last after the album has finished. A new song, yet to be recorded, played at a recent gig points to the fact that Glover is growing and moving forward as a songwriter, but for now this album is a more than satisfactory insight into the music of a talent singer/songwriter who has the ability to capture a mood and moment that will resonate with the attentive listener who will be rewarded for that involvement.