Dan Krikorian 'Windsor Blue' Self-Release

The influences that are inherent in Krikorian are common to many contemporary songwriters. Their musical stew includes folk, soul, country, gospel and blues - an amalgam of American roots music tempered with a little of that mix reflected back from this side of the pond with, usually, Bob Dylan, The Band and Van Morrison as touchstones. Aritist who in their own careers have touched on all, or many, of those genres. Dan Krikorian wants to connect with people through his music and with this album there is a sense of upbeat approachability that goes some way to doing that. There's nothing here that hasn't been heard before but that doesn't effect the bottom line that it comes down to the songs and Krikorian's song ain't half bad. From the soulful positivity, brass-like enhancement on New York City Day through the pedal steel permeated Isabelle. Goodbye Waltz showcases a voice that warmth and ability and a set of musicians who serve these songs well. They include co-producer Shawn Nourse (I See Hawks In L.A.) on drums, Mike Teague and Bob Boulding on guitars as well as Chris Lawrence on pedal steel. The title song is a strong song with good harmonies and some fine fiddle playing giving it an attractive pop/folk feel. Elsewhere Krikorian delivers his songs with a strong sense of where to find the positivity in life and with a enduring outlook. That these songs have an underlying sense of melody makes them all the more effective in their intent. This is Krikorian's third album but my first encounter with him and it argues well for his work in the future. If you like your music like sunlight coming through your kitchen window then this album could well be something that would appeal. Like many independent artists it's very difficult for someone like Krikorian to connect with a larger audience as these music has largely been moved to the margins of mainstream radio. Windor Blue however, like it's cover is a attractive water-coloured album that will reward those who take the trouble to listen.