Lake Street Dive Signature Sounds

This album opens with a song that seems full of summer. It features trumpet and an effervescent vocal. Described as a "free country band" there is more here that veers towards a poppy jazz and soul feel that may not appeal to hardened country connoisseurs. The most prominent element here is Rachael Price's strong vocal presence. Behind that the trio of acoustic bass, drums and guitar/trumpet of Bridget Kearney, Michael Kearny and Mike Olson reveal a tightly focused musical bed that might well find favour with those who follow some of the more soulful singers that are out there today. There are a number of guest players and singers involved too but it is the quartet who core of the band sound. There is an undoubted talent on display here but one that will have to find it's audience in the more open minded of those who explore the fringes of roots music rather than those looking for something with a more obvious country connection. Lake Street Drive have recorded this album using analog technology to capture the essence of the music. If songs like Elijah got some radio play it may well expand on their audience as there are many who would clearly enjoy the sound that Lake Street Dive have developed and it would not be that big a leap to suggest that those who enjoy Amy Winehouse and her ilk would find something to savour here. As for the "free country" reference well it's a free country and you can decide for yourselves, though to these ears the closing track My Speed comes closest to that possible association.