Fearing & White 'Fearing & White' Lowden Proud

This duo of Irishmen, one from the North and one from the South, have been friends for some time but this is the first project together. They are both know in their own right with a track record of some nineteen solo albums between them prior to this collaboration. Both have distinctive voices which blend well and give the album its focus and heart. It's lifeblood is the songs that the duo have written together. These songs incorporate rock, roots-rock, folk and pop flavours which gives the album a interesting diversity. Let Love Be Your Direction has a anthemic chorus that is a plea for love and is delivered against a background of electric and acoustic guitar. Elsewhere they're joined by drummer Ray Farrugia and become a regular trio with Fearing on guitar and White on bass. Other songs look back at relationships that, for one reason or another, have faltered and become a cause for reflection. These are songs written by men who have lived some live and observed more. They're not storytellers in the traditional sense but rather leave spaces for the individual listener to insert their own experience and to relate to the songs. Beyond that even if the songs were sung in a different language the music on over here gives you much to admire. Under The Silver Sky is an driving song with some textured resophonic guitar from Fearing while others like Faithful Heart again comes down to the two voices and guitars. This is an album that has not suffered from over-production or excess adornment. The duo's production focuses on the songs, the voices and just the right amount of instrumentation to give them melody and memory. The are moments here that remind you of other music but never taking you away from the mood created by these two men's obvious enjoyment of their jointly-created journey.