Rory Ellis 'Perfectly Damaged' Self-Released

An Australian roots singer who is at the core of these album as writer, singer, producer, player and label president. He has a rich, deep, resonant voice and gives these songs their focus. The music has touches of blues, country, folk and rock often within the same song. This is the singer/songwriters 5th studio release and furthers his exploration of life as it is lived and observed by Ellis. Again nothing here is troubling the frontiers of roots rock but it makes for a very enjoyable experience that fans of such artist as Ray Wylie Hubbard might well enjoy. It is rugged, ragged and rough-cut and it rocks. This is the kind of music that rarely get an outing on radio outside of particular specialist shows but if it did it would find a wider appreciative audience. His songs tackle subjects that include corporate condescension (Skeleton Hill), current means of meeting (PC Love), cocaine (The Gift), greed (The Gravey Train) and two-faced bad attitudes (Street Angle, House Devil). He can also look inward as he does on his songs Flesh And Bone where he writes about his two autistic twin boys. This he does with compassion and understanding. The music is as robust as Eillis' voice, the gravel in his voice is equally matched by the gravel in the music. Which runs from rock hard to righteous introspection. There is no doubting the appeal of Rory Ellis and that those who encounter his music, live or recorded, will find a artist true to himself and his music. That's when the damage will have been done.