Adriana Spina 'Never Coming Home' Ragged Road

This artist comes from Scotland and has been playing both in Europe and in the U.S. prior to the release of this, her debut, album. Recorded with a tight core trio of bass, drums and guitar that is joined on certain songs by some useful additional players and backing vocalists. Throughout it features Spina commanding voice and eleven of her exploring songs. Those songs are observations of her life and of those around her. The Hardest Thing To Do is about the closeness of an unexpected but lasting love. That theme is explored on other songs, Way Down looks for assurance in life, that is often elusive, and does so over a strong beat and the band's determined playing. Elsewhere there is a slightly fatalistic attitude with lines like "I can't stop what is on its way" but that is tempered by the overall positive delivery of the songs. Produced by Spina and Paul McGeechan, who also contributes keyboards and percussion, they have laid the groundwork for Spina's music which is a mix of folk and rock blended to complement the songs. Such as Fallen, a song which is bolstered by a solid guitar riff that fits its darker tones and Let You Fall, again that internal need of looking for some kind of solid ground on which to build a relationship is explored in a more gentle piano and vocal setting that highlights Spina's confident and clear vocal. The songs lyrically are displayed in a booklet that has them handwritten on a series of postcard background that is both attractive and useful. Never Coming Home is a good start to what may become a lasting career.