Ernest Troost 'Live At McCabes' Travelin' Shoes

As the title suggest this is a live recording of this Kerrville Folk Festival winner. He is therefore foremost a songwriter and the fifteen songs here are from his pen. The album opens with three songs that feature his guitar and voice solo, which are both well capable of giving these song life and breath. He is an accomplished guitarist and has written numerous film sores as well as acting as a producer for Judy Collins. For By And By he brings out harmony singer Nicole Gordon to add to the vocal power for his literate and likable songs. Switchblade Heart is one of the songs that won him the Kerrville award while Bitter Wind tells of drug addiction. As a writer Troost would fit well with the Texas troubadour tradition.his song bring to live the characters he writes about. Each of the song is introduced and gives some explanation of their why and wherefores. Nicole Gordon sings lead on the work song This Field, as she does on Doubtin' Blues. Having brought bassist Mark Goldberg to the stage for several songs he expands the line up for the remainder of the set with Debra Dobkin on drums and Dave Fraser on harmonica. This again underscores the blues roots of the songs that without ever becoming pure blues stand at a crossroads of folk, blues and country blues. All genres where storytelling is a key function of the writing. The Last Lullaby is a heartfelt and affecting lament for friends who have passed on, Fraser's accordion adding to the atmosphere. "Real music got a mind of it of it's own" is the theme for the truth told in Real Music. His love of Piedmont blues is expressed in the afore mentioned Disturbin' Blues. He closes the set with The Last To Leave though those who were there and anyone who hears this album won't want to leave Troost's music behind. Discerning fans of lasting songwriting and real music should head to Troost's songs, he will take you on a journey in his travelin' shoes.