Beth Wimmer 'Ghosts & Men' Radiosky

This American singer/songwriter now lives, tours and records in Europe. She has co-produced this, her third album, with her multi-instrumentalist band member Della Torre. Her previous albums found her working with members of Mojo Monkeys and she managed to persuade drummer David Raven to join them for a few tracks. The overall sound is Americana-ish with touches of eclectic electric folk. There are swells of Hammond B3, forceful guitars and strident rhythms at the heart of these heartfelt songs. The focal point of which is Wimmer's voice, a strong instrument that coneys the emotion of the songs whether the more laid back lines about looking for the right man in Easier Life, a theme that she also takes up with My Babe, but here she seems to have found that person. It features some textured touches of accordion that give the song added musical depth. In Makin' War the subject misses her man while he's off doing what a man has to do. These songs are about life, love and relationships. Subjects common to most singer/songwriters but when in the right hands convey common experience. Her take on Bad Moon Rising (the only cover song) is done by adding some sense of disturbance that enhances the mood of the song which helps make it a stand out, as otherwise many of the songs are taken at similar tempos. Damn Angel seems to deal with tragedy and features some atmospheric saxophone from the late Max Gini that underscores that mood of loss. By way of contrast the closing For The Living is a celebration for a universal peace taken at in positive uptempo attitude with a strong vocal chorus and the accordion again adding to the ambience along side the prominent bass line. This ends the album on the up side of the spirit a place where  ghosts, men (and women) can celebrate and appreciate the positive, the moment where music brings us together.