Rosi Golan 'Lead Ballon' Family

A well packaged, played, performed and produced album that crosses genres and styles with ease. A balance of folk, pop and light touches of Americana that makes Golan's music a very easy on the ear experience that is full of a playfullness and atmosphere that makes it ideal as a soundtrack, something borne out by the number of film and tv placements listed on the press release attest to. These include One Tree Hill, Private Practice and Brothers & Sisters. But here it's the music that counts and Golin flexible voice is married to a nuanced and textured production form Tony Berg that places her voice with a series of arranged musical settings that show off Golin's co-written songs to their best advantage. There are a large number of players listen and a wide range of instruments which include harmonium, banjo, pedal steel, strings, horns alongside bass, drums and guitars. All of which never overwhelm her vocal prowess. Those involved here include David Rawlings and Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody. The twelve songs all fit well together to create an album that has much that will find favour with a wider audience that we would normally aim at here. But one can't diminish the attractiveness of songs like Seeing Ghosts or Flicker. Rosi Golan is one of those artists who could with a small adjustment here and there deliver her songs in a number of different genre settings but, here, offers a fairly broad-based platform for the listener to appreciate. Her co-writers include Iain Archer, himself an acclaimed artist, who joins her here on those songs. In the end, however, it is the songs, one's as striking as Can't Go Back, sung with Natalie Hemby one of it's co-writers that make their own statement and shows that with this, her second album, that Rosi Golan will not sink like a lead ballon but rather will float upwards and find her own level.