Tokyo Rosenthal 'Who Was That Man?' Rock & Socks

For his latest album this singer/songwriter has assembled and illustrious crew together who include Chris Stamey and Will Rigby on bass and drums respectively to back him. The opening title track has some appealing mariachi horns to bolster its question. Mention need to be made of the pedal steel of Allyn Love, the fiddle of Bobby Britt and Charlie Chamberlin's contribution. After that the songs run true with Rosenthal's world view and the album is dedicated to the wildlife affected by the BP oil spill in the Gulf showing pretty much where Rosenthal sees himself in the scheme of things. This is country/Americana storytelling, delivered with some passion and presence.  Your 3rd Score has an almost English folk rock feel while The Librarian returns south of the border again with the horns again adding punch. San Antone's fiddle and steel adding to this uptempo tale of not quittin' but facing up to the past to find a future. A theme also running through Fresh Start. An air of destruction stalks Ann Marie or so it would seem, for the lyrics are sometimes not always the easiest to decipher, but they succeed in being the central focus of these songs and their strong roots settings. All of which gives you the answer to the question that the title poses. That man, making the music real, is Tokyo Rosental and this latest album will please many who like their Americana with grit and grace.