Amanda Shires 'Carrying Lightning' - Self-release

Each of us may carry some lightening within us. Something that may spark when we are in love. Amanda Shires desires to get wrecked in love and releases her own lightening over these 12 songs. 11 of which are self-written and one Detroit Or Buffalo comes from the pen of Barbara Keith. Shires also is an accomplished musician having played fiddle with the band Thrift Store Cowboys before launching her solo career. She is also a strong lead vocalist who sings these songs with a energy and a little touch of vibrato and twang. She also co-produced the album with her oft-times touring partner Rod Picott and with True Tone Studio's David Henry. It's a generous sound with strong contributions form Picott and Henry as well as Chris Scruggs, Neal Casal, Will Kimbrough all part of a talented crew who serve these songs well. The range from the intense She Let Go Of Her Kite, the intriguing Ghostbird to carrying on the flight theme with a more reflective Live Be A Bird with Scrugg's steel guitar adding atmosphere to the wistful mood. Many of the songs have an emotional core that occasionally erupts with a intensity that hits home. The stings on Kudzu add another layer to the weave of the musical cloth that can be warm, on occasion, or colourful at others. They songs speak of love and its twist, turns and tempestuousness. The subject of Lovesick I Remain doesn't have the courage to contact the object of her desire but Amanda Shires allows you to touch some of hers and her sometimes opaque songs that together make an adventurous and alluring album that showcases her many talents on this collection of folkish, fine blend of Americana that has both darkness and light running through it.