Bob Wootton & Six Mile Grove 'Guaranteed Cash' Rena's Kitchen

A longtime fan of Johnny Cash's Bob Wootton had perfected Luther Perkins signature guitar sound and after standing in for Perkins on occasion he finally joined Cash on a full time basis after Perkins' death in a fire. So Bob Wootton has the credentials and the right to play these songs. Vocally he does a pretty passable imitation of the man in black's iconic vocal. The only thing is, as is the case in some tribute albums, you wonder why you might want to purchase this collection over one of the many cost-effective Cash compilation albums currently available. It might have been more effective to do like Scottish band Union Avenue to select songs that Cash had not covered and do versions of them in the this Tennessee Three style. As it is all the songs here are competently delivered by the four piece Six Mile Groove and Wootton fulfills his part well enough but outside of a gig purchase, and I'm sure they are great fun to catch live, I'm not entirely sure what the point of this, admittedly well presented album, is. However good luck to Wootton and his band in their endeavours.