Johanna Divine 'Mile-High Rodeo' Taureau

This album is a mix of some upfront country like the opening song Done 'Em In to more rockin' songs like Hijacked Again. Divine co-produced the album with Dirk Powell and they together combine some straight ahead country with cajun, folk and swing influences that make the album a varied and entertaining listen. She hails from Tennessee but now lives in Louisianna and flavours here music with some southern flavours that have their roots and influences in the past (Birdcage) but adding a contemporary edge (Used To Losin') but balancing both aspects of her music. Bright Side highlights her fine expressive voice in a torch song style while The Big Grab has a smokey nightclub feel. Lulu Saint Marie continues that mood with a sultry piano ballad. Why Do Today a duet with Nadine Landry also swings with fiddle and guitar. The final song Beelinin' ends the album with a little twang and sass making the Mile-High Rodeo a bucking good listen and Divine a name to watch for when her new album is released shortly.