Easton Corbin "All Over The Road' - Humphead/Mercury

Described as a more traditional country singer,  Easton Corbin plays contemporary country music aimed squarely at country radio and a younger fan base. He has a straight up voice which may be a little anonymous is, undoubtedly, fit for purpose and right for these upbeat songs. Producer Carson Chamberlain has had a hand in co-writing some songs, and some with Corbin, and he has put together some seasoned players who play with a more country feel than you often get on a major label release these days.

There's fiddle and steel and the guitars are held in check on the right side of twang. The highpoints are Hearts Drawn In The Sand about a midwest girl who couldn't live without a beach and A Thing About You another love song, but one that is straight up country. The are smooth ballads like Dance Real Slow, Think Of You and Are You With Me that will please the ladies. Corbin's best vocals are on songs like Only A Girl, a song that tries to rationalize the loss of his girl, and Tulsa Texas a song of a man on the move to imaginary places that the man may be in if his girl ever wants to find him. His voice seems that have a little more edge to it that bodes well for the future if he is further allowed to explore the direction that this album is headed.