Vanessa Peters 'The Burn, The Truth, The Lies' - Self-Release

Throughout this album I'm reminded of some other singer-songwriters, but not to a degree where I feel Peters is copying anyone, rather it's the nature of endeavour. This Rip Rowan produced album was recorded in Austin and this is underscored by the calibre of the playing, from the chiming guitars and subtle keyboards to the robust rhythm section, which includes producer Rowan on drums.

Vanessa Peters is the sole writer of the eleven songs, all of which pass the time in a companionable way. While no particular track stands out immediately, there is a strong and consistent sound. There are songs which have a gentleness and understanding, like No Decision, where a overworked waitress is observed. Grateful speaks of resilience and being thankful for life.

Peters approaches her songs with an openness and honesty as in the wishful seeking of a companion in Co-Pilot. Lost relationships are also at the heart of String Too Short To Use which has, musically, a little more kick that the mainly slow to mid-tempo pace of the majority. Bright Red picks up the beat too and the autobiographical song shows us that relationship difficulties have provided Peters with the impetus for this set of songs. The title sums the emotions on offer here and many will enjoy this considered mix of music, words and voice that is honest and clear and should be applauded for that.