Cody McCaver 'I Just Might Live Forever' - AGR

The former Confederate Railroad man delivers an album that fulfills expectations of what he might do solo. These are songs that play to his audience, songs that declare he is red-blooded (Bow Chukka Wow Wow), redneck (Redneck Friends Of Mine), an outlaw (I Might Just Love Forever) and an everyman (I'm America, Kick It Into 4-Wheel Drive). The music is the kind of country that has  lots of hard guitar over a solid, upfront rhythm section,  with some added texture and fill from piano, B3, harmonica, steel and fiddle under McCaver's down-the-line solid vocals.There are additional vocals from the likes of Colt Ford to bolster the choruses and background vocals. 

These songs from McCaver, with some outside songs, all celebrate a lifestyle and attitude that is textbook good ol' boy country'. For instance Redneck Friends Of Mine tells us that "I like 4-wheel rides and fishing at night and jacked up huntin' trucks, Budweiser and David Allan Coe and think that hip-hop sucks" which just about sums up a certain Bubba philosophy. There are more sensitive songs like Left Side of The Bed with fiddle and steel that offers a more restrained approach than the  more turbo-charged direction that kicks up the dust on many of the songs.

It's easy to see that this is an album that will appeal to those who have a soft spot for Coe, Hank Williams Jr or indeed Confederate Railroad, and if that spins your wheels then you will enjoy Mr. McCaver's love of all things redneck country and he will take you for a 4-wheel musical drive.