Old Tire Swingers 'Old Tire Swingers' - Self-Release

This is another band exhibiting a new found enthusiasm for bluegrass and related acoustic music. The trio played their first show in early 2011 and this is their first album. It shows they've turned 
practice into something practical. The majority of the songs are written by lead singer and banjo player Paul Chesterton which is commendable and brave, as most bands starting out might stick with songs from the classic repertoire. That these guys have come up listening to other musical sources reflects in the nature of the delivery as the songs suggest they could be adapted to another formula. But here they are and they're making this music swing and drive.

The music the Old  Tire Swingers play is not about showing off, rather it is about ensemble playing and serving the song. There are additional players adding fiddle and mandolin to round out the banjo, guitar and upright bass of the band. The album is full of life, of a buoyant outlook summed up by the title of More Good Than Bad. Vocal harmonies fill out the sound and add to the collective strength of  the band.Through the thirteen songs there is a sense that these guys are having as much fun making this music as their audience will have watching or listening to them. Old Tire Swingers have burned some rubber getting here and lovers of old-time, bluegrass and the more 
roots end of Americana should enjoy what these guys do.